Event Detail

SICB+ is an opportunity to share your presentation virtually with other SICB attendees after the in-person meeting has concluded. Although focused on virtual, asynchronous presentations, SICB+ also provides access to stream a few events—plenaries and the society-wide member meeting—during the week of the in-person conference.

SICB+ is included for all in-person SICB attendees, and their virtual participation (by contributing an electronic version of their talk or poster) is strongly encouraged. The goal of SICB+ is to use the most positive parts of our experience with the 2021 virtual annual meeting to broaden access to SICB. 

Registration rates do NOT include SICB membership. Reduced registration rates are available to people who have paid membership through 3/31/2022. Make sure to LOG IN (top right corner of page) or JOIN SICB/RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP to access the lowest registration rates.  

After joining or renewing your membership, please be sure to log out, close your browser and log back in so that the system can refresh to reflect the renewal.

SICB members who may fall between registration/membership categories, such as recent graduates presenting their work accomplished as a student, may still be eligible for a student or other reduced registration rate. If you have questions about which registration category to select, please email meetings@sicb.org. 

SICB Members from a Developing Country can also receive discounted rates.  The list of countries can be viewed at http://bit.ly/2v4Oawy You must live & work in a country on this list in order to qualify for these rates. 

T-shirts can be ordered at this link https://www.customink.com/g/utk0-00ch-kp7d
SICB+ is included with paid registrations for the in-person meeting.  If you requested a cancellation of your in-person registration you MUST register again for SICB+ in order to have access.  

Non-Members use the "Register Now" button.